Nonton Time Raiders 2016 sub indo
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Nonton Time Raiders 2016 sub indo

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Nonton Time Raiders 2016 sub indo

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Sinopsis Nonton Time Raiders 2016 sub indo

SINOPSIS: Time Raiders stars Lu Han, Jing Boran, Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat, Ma Sichun, Wang Jingchun, Zhang Boyu and is directed by Hong Kong filmmaker Daniel Lee. Besides Lu Han and Jing Boran taking on the lead roles, the film features the guest appearance of Mallika Sherawatis who plays the sorceress in the film. The 50 million production is based on a Chinese bestseller novel series titled Daomu Biji (commonly translated to Grave Robbers’ Chronicles) by Xu Lei which was also adapted into a Chinese TV series in China. Raised by his Uncle Wu Sanxing (Wang Jing Chun 王景春), Wu Xie is fascinated with old architecture and antiques. Once, his family had got a very special piece of bronze by accident, but when they dug deeper, they traced and found a lost kingdom buried in the basin of north-west China named Xiwangmu Dynasty. Thus, Wu’s family recruited a group of expert raiders, including a mysterious stranger by the name of Zhang Qiling (Jing Boran 井柏然), and went deep into the ruins of the ancient city…

Genre: China, Movie